이민철 Bill Lee, NYLIFE 최연소 파트너 2017.2018 MDRT 수상

1. 간단한본인소개 (Self introduction)
(이름, 현 소속, 직위, 하는일, 고향, 학력, 경력, 가정상황등)

My name is Bill Lee and I am currently one of the youngest Partners at New York Life Insurance Company and NYLIFE Securities LLC. I have worked in the insurance and investment industry for the past four and a half years and have just recently been promoted to Partner. Though I struggled to build a financial practice for the first two years of starting this business, I eventually had a breakthrough by having a system of attaining new clients through referrals and seminars. After figuring out a system, I was able to make the Million Dollar Round Table in 2017 and 2018 (fewer than 1% of Insurance and Financial Advisors qualify) and was New Associate of the year in 2017. This past January, I was promoted to be a Partner in the San Francisco office where my role has changed to recruiting, motivating, and training new Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents.

2. 어린시절의꿈, 기억나는추억
(Any memorable episodes when you were young)
(어린시절 가정환경, 부모님과 생각나는 에피소드,기억나는 경험등)

If I think about my childhood, the memories that are the most vivid to me are memories of my parents working. Of course, like all immigrant parents, they had to work very hard to make a living. If I think back to my childhood, I constantly remember my parents working as hard as they can to provide. I think this is probably where my work ethic and 'nothing is impossible' mindset comes from. I have seen them build a life here in the United States from scratch with close to no English.
When I was maybe four years old, I remember my dad and I watched a sharply dressed young man get out of his nice car, take out an office key card, and get into a nicely air conditioned office. Now, my dad having worked in such a physically laborious job saw that and I could tell by the way he looked at him that was what he wanted for me.

3. 지금직업을갖게된계기, 주요멘토나에피소드.
(The motives/mentors/episodes to get the career)
(삶을 살아가는 방법에 가장 영향을 많이 끼쳤던 사람, 어떤 점을 배웠는지, 변화된점은 무엇인지, 인생에 주요한 에피소드들은 무엇인지)

My mentor in this career would be Kevin Choi, the Managing Partner of our office. He was the one that originally brought me into the business 4 years ago.
Funny thing is that he originally did not want to hire me because of my youth and inexperience. He was worried that I did not have the life experience and discipline to do well in an industry where people must entrust their entire financial futures. But, because he felt that I had the drive, he was wiling to give me a shot.
Mentorship was probably one of the most important ingredients in my success so far. I believe having a mentor who can show you the exact steps on how to do well is crucial to cutting the learning curve. At least until I got the hang of the business, Kevin had to walk me through every aspect of this business, from how to acquire new clients to how to effectively plan for them. At New York Life, they gave me the exact guidance and training I needed to do well. To be honest, if I had gone with any other financial institution, I do not think I had the natural talent to have survived.
Systems created by successful mentors are crucial to doing well in our field. Too many people fail in the Insurance and Investment field because they are often lost and try to reinvent the wheel. The most effective way in my opinion is to copy a system that works, implement the system, and then refine/ add later after the system is mastered.

4. 현재 직업의 힘든점과 좋은점 (How do you like your job?)

I absolutely love my career. In fact, I do not see this as a "job" but a calling.
People think I am a workaholic because I often work late and work most weekends. But, no one forces me to work this hard or places deadlines on me. I work long hours because I love my clients, my team, and the community I serve.
In the Financial Services field, there is a feeling that you are making a truly positive impact in people's lives. They say that only 10% of Americans will even be able to retire with an annual income of $65,000 at regular retirement age. That means that the rest of the country will retire well below a healthy living standard. With the rising cost of college, most families cannot afford to send their children to the best universities. Also, most families are underinsured and only have their life insurance through work.

However, as an insurance and financial professional, you can often be the difference maker in making sure your clients retire comfortably, their kids go to the college that they worked so hard to get into, and that they are covered in their darkest mti es. You can really feel the impact that you make in people's lives when you help them retire early, hit their financial goal, save their business from collapse, or sometimes deliver a check to a family that just lost their loved one.
How can you not love a career where you can develop such a deep connection with the people around you and share in their personal victories?

5. 인생에중요한 점은? (What are important things for your life?)

The most important thing in my life is not live a life with minimal regret as possible.
One story that really shook me to the core was the story of Sam Walton's final words. Despite the fact that he was once the wealthiest man on Earth, commanded the respect of millions of people, and was largely considered one of the greatest business minds in the world, on his deathbed, his last words were "I blew it." When approaching death, he looked back on his life to regret that he had spent all his time on building a business rather than the things that matter most.
This fact becomes the most apparent whenever I attend a funeral. At a funeral, you realize that you cannot take anything with you to the grave. The only things you leave behind are the relationships that you have built with people.

6. 인생에서가장행복했던순간:?, 인생에서가장힘들었던순간? 어떻게극복했는지?
(Most unforgettable happiest moments in your life?, Any obstacles? How did you overcome?)

As cheesy as it sounds, the happiest moments in my life are now. I am so grateful for all the both the good fortune and obstacles that have lead me where I am now.
One quote that gets me through hard times is by the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius. "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."
From all my mistakes and failures, I learned that there is often an incredible beauty to mistakes and obstacles. Because, every time I fail, I get a lesson or a clue on what I must do next.
Whenever I have an obstacle, I try to see the lesson that I need to learn from it. Though it's frustrating to fail and there are real life consequences for those failures, embracing those failures as lessons seem to be the only way to grow and evolve.

7. 여가시간에하는취미는? 스트레스푸는본인만의방법은?
(Your hobbies when you have time? Your own methods to get rid of any stress?)

Whenever I am stressed, I try to help a new agent or Financial Advisor that is struggling in my office. Often, that will give me some perspective on my own personal struggles and how I should be grateful for what I have now.
Other than that, the best stress relievers for me is to either practice Martial Arts or Meditate.

8. 앞으로의꿈은? 그꿈을위해어떻게노력하고있는지?
(What is your dream, and how you put efforts on it?)

My goal is to become a Managing Partner like my mentor Kevin.
I try to follow the systems created within New York Life as closely as I can to achieve my goals. I know that if I stay consistent and work the system, I will slowly get closer and closer to one day becoming a Managing Partner.
Another thing I try to do is to create a daily ritual of improving myself and sharpening my skills. This can include reading, meditating, and or practicing a crucial business skill daily.

9. 같은 직업을 꿈꾸는학생들에게 조언그리고독자에게 전하
고싶은말 (Any advises for young generations who wants to have a same career like you, any comments to the readers?)

I think that if someone wants to go into the financial industry, the advice I would give them is

1. Find and work with a company that has a proven track record of success

2. Have an attitude of serving and adding value. Like the quote by the late Zig Ziglar "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want"

3. Start now!! Time is your best friend in the Financial and Insurance business. The longer you stay, the more clients you build. The more clients you build, the more people that will refer you. So this business becomes easier every year.

Minchul "Bill" Lee Associate Partner
NYLIFE Securities LLC
New York Life Insurance Company
Greater San Francisco General Office
425 Market Street, Ste. 1600
San Francisco, CA 94105
Cell: 408-707-8891