크리스티나 리 - UC 데이비스 졸업, 의료시스템사 근무

1. Introduction

My name is Sohyun Christina Lee - tech enthusiast, philanthropist and experimentalist, with a zest for exploring all life has to offer. Graduating from University of California at Davis with a double major in managerial economics and communications and minors in science, society and contemporary leadership, it was important to couple my interests in technology as well as social responsibility. My fascination in technology had led me to take machine-learning courses at Stanford University. Outlets for my creativity include blogging (cleeluc.com) my travels as well as interests in food, fashion, business, health and beauty - it helps me connect with people in a variety of settings.

Though for work, it was important to chose an employer that utilizes my skills and life interests. Visunex Medical Systems was a good match; they are a medical device manufacturer that focus on solutions for global pediatric healthcare and pediatric ophthalmic market, where we target customer needs for high-resolution imaging and telemedicine in order to improve the delivery and efficiency of quality pediatric healthcare. Other previous work has helped me succeed here, using my experience at different start-ups, from mobile applications to a marketing agency - even as a realtor, the skills carry forward between areas of my life.

2. Any memorable episodes when you were young?

I remember taking horseback riding lessons with my brother twelve years ago. Without me realizing it, the lessons horses have taught me started materializing in my daily activities. The patience I developed when working with the horse becomes the patience I use with my family and friends. The self-confidence of mastery seeps into every interaction with people. Life and riding isn't about brute strength . it's about gentle technique and strategy.

3. The motives/mentors/episodes to get the career

I was fortunate to have many great mentors (pastors, CEOs, political figures, lawyers, celebrities, athletes, professors) that gave me advice and sense of direction during turmoil. But the most influential people are the ones closest to me - my parents. My mother is a treasure to me; she taught me unconditional love and my father taught me perseverance as well as work ethic. My mom has given me more than I need or feel I deserve. My dad always tells me she is my number one fan, my biggest supporter. Whenever I fall, she helps me stand; whenever I go through times of trouble, she is always behind me. Joy abounds when I see my parents happy and proud. I appreciate them every single day; they have sacrificed many things for my brother and me. My hard working father supported our family between Korea and United States and traded-off precious times with us.

4. How do you like your job?

Work is a pleasure each and every day because of my amazing team as well as the exciting projects. Our company members have great energy and motivate me each and every day. The best part of my job is working with the best people in their respective fields and contributing to making the health system become more efficient. It's a great feeling to grow with the company and the people in the company.

5. What are important things for your life?

For me, it is obvious: Love is doubtlessly the answer as it is the real mark of greatness, shown best through actions. Kindness, compassion, helpfulness, caring - all are embodiments of the truth propelled by love. Kings and queens, paupers or poets - love is our sustenance and the pure honesty of our lives. Each person is meant to embody love's mission, and through our relationships, we are woven together into a community. Our families sculpt us into love's blossom, where we then go into our communities to share that joy, gratitude, and encouragement to others. Without my familial devotion, I would not be as happy or as successful as I am today; Love is mighty and powerful. It awakens, transforms, and heals. Through love, we receive back understanding, mercy, joy, forgiveness and belonging because of the love that we give to others. Only through the power of love do we truly feel we're not alone and that all is well.

6. Most unforgettable happiest moments in your life? Any obstacles? How did you overcome?

My memories are overwhelmed by happy moments. For me, particular fond memories occurred on family travels in Europe and Asia. No matter where we lived, we dedicated quality time for one another. It became second-nature to savor a faster pace of life after moving four times within three countries, as time was no longer an obstacle but an opportunity. Becoming accustomed to travel, I learned it was important to immerse myself into each new community, as experience encourages adaptability, which then promoted optimism when faced with new experiences. There are many obstacles growing up, but at a young age I quickly realized nothing lasts forever and pain can only make us stronger. Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. I am thankful for hard times because they have made me stronger.

7. Your hobbies when you have time? Your own methods to get rid of any stress?

I keep myself pretty busy after work/weekends with community service. I help out with the Salvation Army, Mercy House Living Center, Susan G. Komen, Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness Research and Training, and the Make A Wish foundation. I feel as if I have lived my life on the bridges between different worlds; now, I can best help others by sharing my experiences and compassion with people. When I want to relax, I go to a spa to get massage, practice Yoga, laugh with some friends over dinner, watch a show, take a vacation, go for a long 7mile run or read a great book. Cooking is also very relaxing for me - trying different cultures' recipes are always interesting. You can also find me diving in Monterey Bay or watch racecars at Laguna Seca.

8. What is your dream, and how you put efforts on it?

I don't have dreams; I have goals. I believe that with planning and time, people can achieve what they want. I will keep volunteering my time with the community and encourage others to do the same. I plan to travel the world and share Korean cultures with different cultures. I will start an organization in the near future to help Asian entrepreneurs, empowering Asian women. I am talking with United Nations official and interested individuals about the idea.

9. Any advise for young generations who want to have a same career like you, any comments to the readers?

Be curious, have an open mind and talk to different people; I am always surprised at how much I can learn from others. Be willing to leave the familiar to take risks, even if it causes discomfort. When you are comfortable with the risks of new challenges, there are infinite opportunities to learn about the world and yourself. Your path is more important than the end result. Also, learn how to work in teams. It creates synergy and a support structure that can be very powerful in anything you encounter.

The world is your oyster! I want the readers to find their passion and use their own creative, unique talent to change to world for the better. Thank you, SF journal!